About Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture?

  • A complimentary form of treatment that works alongside conventional medicine
  • A safe and gentle approach to treatment
  • A way of stimulating your own healing using very fine needles
  • An ancient chinese system of medicine developed and perfected over thousands of years

How does Acupuncture work?

  • By stimulating your own natural healing
  • By encouraging the flow of energy within
    you, using fine needles
  • By bringing balance to the body, leading
    to an increased sense of well being and

5 Element Acupuncture

  • For both physical and emotional health
  • Treats the core issues underlying your symptoms
  • Uses very few needles, which are only inserted for a few seconds
  • A safe and gentle approach to supporting your health and well being as an individual

The 5 Elements

  • Are connected to the different organs of the body
  • Relate to the seasons & times of the day
  • Are connected with the forces of nature

About Me

  • Previously worked as a Registered Nurse
  • Have undertaken many years of training
  • Specialise in acupuncture for fertility & IVF
  • Treat people with anxiety and needle phobia
  • Member of The British Acupuncture Council